Walk the Talk America

WTTA initiative, a non-profit organization dedicated to making positive change in relationship to mental health, and firearm awareness. Through organizing a profound team of experts from different fields, and all walks of life, unbiased by politics, media, or personal prejudice – WTTA seeks to input opportunities to enhance communication, compassion, calls to action and education.



Rally for our Rights

created 2018

Rally for our Rights is a diverse group of citizen activists dedicated to supporting the right to keep and bear arms

  • April 8, 2018 – It began at a Second Amendment rally in Loveland, CO
  • a non-partisan grassroots organization
  •  steering committee consists of a diverse cross-section of gun owners – including college students, young parents, business owners, and seasoned political activists.
  • April 21st, 2018 – Boulder, CO
  • May 5th, 2018 – Fort Collins, CO


Firearms Trainers Association

since 2018
Oklahoma City, OK

  • FTA provides best in the industry Professional Liability Coverage benefits to members for any legal action stemming from their firearms training business
  • FTA protects the profession of firearms training through standards, business development services, curriculum sharing, safety and risk management.
  • founded by 5 of the most well respected and distinguished professional firearms trainers
    – was born in a conference room in Las Vegas at SHOT Show
    – Their recognition of the need to create a mechanism to serve the interests of firearms trainers as well as increase the professionalism of the craft through their experiences, resources and core values led them to create FTA.
  • Ken Hackathorn-Chairman
  • Larry Vickers-Vice Chairman
  • Kyle Sweet – Executive Director
  • Board members
    – Jeff Gonzales, Dave Spaulding and Scott Reidy
  • FTA provides through CCW Safe’s 2A Insurance, financially backed membership benefits that provide for $1million in professional liability coverage including all legal costs and fees, attorneys fees and expert witness fees for only $400 per year
  • FTA membership is open to any certified firearms instructor.

Firearms Trainers Association
28 W. Park Place STE B
Oklahoma City, OK 73131

(405) 740-7952



Amm Con

Amm-Con – Second Amendment Media Workshop


Chicago Guns Matter


  • 2017 Chicago Guns Matter Founded by Rhonda Ezell
  • An organization made up of pro-gun advocates in and around Chicago
  • to share with the urban community how to exercise their fundamental constitutional right to keep and bear arms.


For law-abiding citizens in the City of Chicago to learn how to legally possess firearms, as well as the steps needed to obtain the Illinois Concealed Carry License. 

We are not here to incite violence, we are here to incite education.


NRA Adaptive Shooting

since 2017

to increase access and participation in shooting activities for people with disabilities


  • 74 million individuals that identify as disabled
    – growing as the Baby Boomer generation ages
    – injured soldiers
  • Adaptive Product Provider list
  • Subsidy Program provides financial assistance to ranges, clubs and organizations committed to making their facilities accessible