Using Technology & the Internet in 2021

     Using technology and the internet is an important skill set in 2021

      Learning the elements and understanding options is basically all that is required to navigate, find and use resources effectively, safely and privately online, via phone or PC

Social Platforms

Platforms are the largest, most useful and least effective while being the least private and most corrupt of the options available. There is a large potential to reach new people on the platforms, but they are NOT the place to house,center or focus your projects

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Audio Hosting

Podcasting, Audio books, radio shows. music and more. All are available on sound-focused apps, and online archives. Some are Item-on-Demand others are a random feed like the radio

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Video Hosting

There any a few good choices for hosting video, and more come & go each year. Keeping video files on more than one is a better idea than depending on just one for hosting your content

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Video Streaming

Video streaming servers host LIVE chat sessions and allow them to be broadcast to the video hosting platform that support the technology. Options here have been growing, it is worth knowing how to use more than one

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Instant Messaging Apps

Instant message apps are great alternatives to eMail or using the large ‘free’ social platforms

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Mapping Apps

Applications that track our locations are some of the most convenient and useful, and also some of the most dangerous to our privacy

…Mapping Apps

eMail Apps

email is one of the least secure methods of transferring information on the internet. Alternate methods (messaging apps, etc) should be explored and used if at all possible

… eMail Apps

Speech Recognition

Another of the conveniently inconspicuous yet dangerous applications of technology is the voice recognition / hands free typing applications no matter what software you find it in
Click Here to dig into Speech recognition topics

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HAM Radio

HAM Radio is the licensed use of the radio waves. and while there is some value in understanding the many interesting methods of communication, the HAM infrastructure is fragile and staffed by individuals with little interest in activism or assistance in awareness (as a whole). The HAM Community is supported by national level organizations and the FCC, both were quick to scold, and accuse HAM operators with planning to abuse the radio spectrum

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Vehicle Apps

Parking Assist, Self Driving, and Autonomous vehicles will be hitting the streets in a major way in the coming years, along with their cameras, GPS locations and wireless connections. Being part of the future infrastructure will affect transportation and other property rights in upcoming years

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Server Software

Servers are basically just computers that are left on to do a task (or a few tasks) like running an eMail server, or a Website. Servers can run the software for a Phone App or set up to provide video/audio hosting

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Browsers are the software on a Phone or PC that navigate us to the internet, to websites, apps or file hosts

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Some federal Laws affect our use of technology, or the companies that provide the platforms and services we use online

Net Neutrality

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