Creating Gun Content

This area is under Development

Whatever your goal (or goals) for your project, you’ll need to start somewhere.

  • Creating a website is a good first step no matter which way you eventually proceed
  • Setting up the Social Media Accounts is a vital step as well
  • Then, creating a Schedule to Produce & Publish Your Information on a regular basis
  • Once your plan is set, Get Ready to Work at it for a while.
    Nothing happens on its own, and efforts are rewarded
  • Coordinate & Collaborate with Second Amendment Organizations and other 2A Activists
  • Know the difference between Influence vs. Manipulation

A great Resource is Clover Tactical
for information on Creating your 2A Content 

Additional Internet Skills

  • Creating a Logo
  • What Software to Use
  • Creating a Podcast
  • Getting your Podcast on iTunes
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