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Gun Debate Library

Up next:

  • How to Debate Gun Laws
  • Knowing the Opposition
  • Psychology of a Difficult Discussion
  • Common Responses to Typical Positions
  • Facts-vs-Emotion
  • Communicating Without Pushing Buttons
  • our Morals vs. their Morals
  • National Debate over Gun Control
  • Well-Researched Narrative on Gun Laws
  • “Even If” Games

More points to address:

  • Should civilians be able to own Hand Grenades, Bazookas, or Mortars?
  • Explain to me why Federal background checks are bad?
    Why are gun people against this?
    I’m against red flag laws but I believe back ground checks are good.
  • Where do you think criminals get their firearms?
  • GUN OWNERS arm criminals and gun owners need to be held accountable
  • “Shall not infringe” needs to be changed, it was fine for 1770 but not for 2019
  • The 1st Amendment is curtailed, so should the 2nd
  •  gun ownership is heavily, concentrated fewer and fewer households
  • declining interest among most Americans
  • only one major retailer now sells the kind of semi-automatic assault-style rifles (BassProShops)
  • I feel like in order to appease the far left, we will need to concede some things
  • What is wrong with universal background checks?
  • If you offer the anti people the death penalty for any murder and life for any other shooting, they will say no. That is not a deterrent. Although more guns laws are a deterrent?– Kingpin April 2022

2A Books

  • Gunfight: The Battle Over the Right to Bear Arms in America
    UCLA constitutional law professor Adam Winkler
  • The Second Amendment: A Biography
    Michael Waldman
  • More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun Control Laws
    Economist John Lott

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