Michigan Open Carry

founded March 2009

is the premier organization in Michigan promoting the lawful open carry of a holstered handgun

  • started by a group of people on the Michigan Forum of (OCDO)
  • OCDO was started by John Pierce and Mike Stollenwerk in 2004
    – These men are responsible for revitalizing the growing practice of the open carry of a handgun. 


American Confederation of Tactical Shooters

created in 2005

To provide a sport in which Civilian rifle owners along with Military and Law Enforcement professionals can practice ‘real world’ shooting skills in a sporting venue that has not been offered by any other shooting discipline or association.

Find out if you’re a shooter or just a gun owner

American Confederation of Tactical Shooters


Michigan Gun Owners


  • is a not-for-profit grassroots organization committed to educating the public on safe responsible gun ownership and preserving and defending the right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights and Article I, section 6 of Michigan’s Constitution.

  • November 30, 2002 Founded

Michigan Gun Owners
P.O. Box 153
Dearborn Heights, MI
Call toll-free: 877-ASK-MGO1


Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners

mission statement is: “Promoting safe use and ownership of firearms through education, litigation, and legislation”

  • 2000 concealed carry reform law
  • 2001 substantial improvements to concealed carry law
  • maintains a Political Action Committee (PAC)
  • MCRGO Foundation = Ma separate corporation to serve as fundraising, charitable arm – IRC 501(C)(3)


PO Box 14014,
Lansing, MI 48901
Telephone: (517) 484-2746


electro-optic tech

created in 1995
Ann Arbor, Michigan

  • 1972 University of Michigan
    – Environmental Research Institute of Michigan (ERIM)
  • 1986 ERIM presented holography weapon (electro-optic) sight prototypes to the US Army for use with helicopter gunships and anti-aircraft artillery
  • 1995 ERIM as incubator, subsidiary EOTECH created to apply holographic technology to small firearms sights
  • 1996 EOTECH introduced the first holography weapon sight (HWS) at SHOT Show in conjunction with Bushnell
  • 1996 won the Optic of the Year Award
  • 2001 introduced military and law enforcement HWS models
  • November 2004 archery sight was discontinued
  • 2005 EOTECH acquired by L-3 Communication (now L3Harris)
    – one of the world’s largest defense contractors
  • 2015, the U.S. Government sued EOTECH for civil fraud
    – EOTECH settled for $25.6 million
  • 2016 EOTECH introduced VUDU precision rifle scopes
  • 2018 Golden Bullseye Optic of the Year award
  • 2020 EOTECH officially separated from L3Harris
  • 2020 purchased by American Holoptics



Cornell Publications

Founded in 1994
Brighton, MI

World’s Largest Old Gun Catalog & Manual Reprinter

  • 1994 started Abby Books
    resellers of old books and publishers of antique weapon catalogs
  • started with reprint of the 1955 Bannerman Catalog
    – granted permission from the Bannerman family to reprint it
  • Abby and Rob Mouat
  • reprint over 6,000 old gun catalogs, books and manuals

Cornell Publications
P.O. Box 214
Brighton, MI 48116



 founded in 1981
Wixom, Michigan

“Tritium” the key element in the company’s innovative illumination technology, and “icon”
Additionally, the “iji” in Trijicon mimics the “three-dot” design


  •  founded in 1981 by Glyn Bindon as Armson USA
    – 1972 aeronautical engineer at Ford Motor Company
    – worked on the U.S. Navy’s F-8U Crusader
  • 1981 visited South Africa, met a guy who made gun sights
  •  Imported the Armson OEG
    – occluded-type gunsight, used tritium and fiber optics
    – manufactured in South Africa
    – popular for rifles and shotguns
  • 1985 reorganized as Trijicon
  • 1985 began manufacture of night sights
  • 1987 4×32 Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG)
  • 1988 Trijicon Night Sights were adopted by the FBI
  • 1996 1×24 Reflex Sight
    – adopted by the U.S. Special Forces
    – for the SOPMOD M4 Carbine kit
  • 1998 AccuPoint 3-9×40 dual-illuminated riflescope
  • 2002 TriPower, first triple-illuminated reticle
  • September 2003, Glyn Bindon died in a plane crash in Alaska
  • 2007 launched Trijicon Red Dot
  • 2009 500,000th 4×32 ACOG scope produced
  • 2017 produced the 1,000,000th ACOG\


Bauer Automatic

in Fraser, Michigan

  • R.B. Industries (Robert Bauer)
  • imported the Mauser 3000 rifles
  • highest quality, finest hand fitted, semi-automatic,stainless steel pistols
  • 1984 Robert Bauer Sr. died
  • 1984 became Fraser Firearms
  • 1986 Fraser Firearms closed