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since 2008

Born out of a desire to capture the energy and up-to-the-moment tactic of using the electronic age, the WON delivers the latest news about women in the outdoors, events, gear, tips and Barbara Baird’s weekly blog, “Babbs in the Woods.”


  • 2008 Barbara Baird launched The WON
    – newspaper and then magazine editor


since 1997
California, Missouri

  • 1991 importers/distributors as Bauska, Action Arms and Magnum Research
  • the US-based subsidiary of Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod the Czech firearms manufacturer
  • 1997 CZ-USA headquarters Initially based in Oakhurst, California
  • 1998 moved to Kansas City, Missouri
  • 2005 bought Dan Wesson Firearms based in Norwich, New York
  • CZ-USA’s custom shop in Warsaw, Missouri
  • president of CZ-USA is Alice Poluchova

P.O. Box 171073
Kansas City, KS 66117



International Practical Shooting Confederation
– Created 1976

The International Practical Shooting Confederation is the world’s second largest shooting sport association and the largest and oldest within practical shooting.

affiliates over 100 regions from Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania

International Practical Shooting Confederation is the international confederation governing a type of practical pistol competition. The promotion of accuracy, power, and speed as three equal elements was the prime objective along with multiple targets, moving targets, targets that react when hit, penalty carrying no-shoot targets mixed-in or even partially covering shoot targets, obstacles, movement, competitive tactics, etc. to keep the shooters challenged and spectators entertained.

Kevin Dixie

  • 2017 – Founded Aiming for the Truth
    – a non-profit organization, which aims to kill violence at its roots
  • No Other Choice Firearms Training
    – latest firearm educational content, product reviews, social commentary, and community enrichment efforts

NOC Train & Learn
– 2019 – 2022

– professional instruction on building your brand/business through workshops from proven professionals
– Strengthening the “2A” Community


I heard K.D. mention this new project, we will chat about LIVE

40 acre outdoor range for firearm instructors, going to do a barbershop style K.D. noticed that a lot of great instructors with a lack a place to shoot in his area. And those ranges that are available are taking 30 percent of their profit before the class can press the trigger

they want $30 per student or 30% whichever is greater of your entire take and that’s just not fair, so they are going to give small businesses a place to operate for a year where they know that this is their space their booth for a year

and then on the other side they are planning to do community outreach, reading writing comprehension, financial literacy, things of that nature

Check out the interview:

Kevin Dixie from the PDN Training Tour on RapidFire a 2A talk show!

the Truth Pistol

More about K.D.

  • K.D. spoke at the Gun Rights Policy Conference 2018-2019
  • K.D. was one of the speakers at the 2A Rally in Washington, DC
  • K.D. created the Truth Pistol in 2019
  • Interview with Kevin Dixie of NOC Firearms & Creator of the Truth Pistol
    Ammoland Inc. by John Crump
    February 20, 2019
  • K.D. hosted first Train & Learn event in 2019
  • Participated in the 2A Patch Batch project in 2020
  • K.D. became a contributor to Personal Defense Network PDN in 2020
  • K.D. is on the SAO Board of Directors since 2021
    Kevin Dixie Joins the Second Amendment Organization’s Board of Director

No Other Choice on Instagram

No Other Choice on Twitter

No Other Choice on YouTube

Sierra Bullets

founded in 1947

  • Frank Snow, Jim Spive, Loren Harbor, Clint Harris
  • in the Harris Machine Shop in Whittier, California
  • 1963 moved to a new plant in Santa Fe Springs, California
    – 30,000 square feet
  • 1968 the Leisure Group bought Sierra Bullets
    – hired Robert Hayden from Remington Arms, Lake City Army Ammunition Plant
  • 1990 moved to Sedalia, Missouri

Sierra Bullets
1400 W Henry St
Sedalia, MO 65301

(888) 223-3006


started 1944
Connecticut, Missouri

  • 1892 Founded in East Alton, IL by Frank W. Olin
    – blasting powder for coal mines
  • 1898 Franklin Olin formed the Western Cartridge Company
    – competitors got suppliers to limit raw materials
    – Olin diversified
  • 1931 Western bought the Winchester Company.
  • 1935 formed Winchester-Western
  • 1944 Franklin Olin companies organized under Olin Industries, Inc
  • 1954 Olin Industries and Mathieson Chemical merged
    – Olin Mathieson Chemical Corporation
  • 1963 John Olin retired
  • 1964  “re-tooled” the Winchester line, which damaged their reputation of quality
  • 1969 became the Olin Corporation
    – sold off many of its acquired businesses
  •  December 12, 1980  Olin sold Winchester firearms to the employees
    – with the name US Repeating Arms Company
    – Olin kept the Winchester brand and licensed it to US Repeating Arms Company
  •  2006 entered a new license with Browning Arms Company
    – to make Winchester rifles and shotguns
  • World’s number one chlorine producer
  • #1 producer of small ammunition globally

Bob Munden


Fastest Man with a Gun Who Ever Lived
– Guinness World Records

  • born in Kansas City, Missouri
  • started shooting career at age 11
  • 1950s in high school, Bob competed in Jeff Cooper’s Big Bear “Leatherslaps” shooting competitions at Big Bear Lake, California
  • won over 3,500 fast draw trophies
  • custom gunsmith
  • exhibition shooting:
    – “Super Humans” on the History Channel
    – American Shooter
    – Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots
    – Ripley’s Believe it or Not


Lake City Army Ammunition Plant (LCAAP)
established in 1941
Independence, Missouri

  • 1941 established by Remington Arms
  • first of 12 small arms plants run by the Army
  • WWII  21,000 full-time workers produced 50 million rounds per year
  • 1985 operations taken over by Olin Corporation
  • April 2001 operated by Alliant Techsystems (ATK)
  • 2018 acquired by Northrop Grumman
  • 1.6 billion round per year production capacity

  • 5.56 mm
  • 7.62 mm
  • 50 caliber
  • 20 mm

  • Foundation for Exceptional Warriors
    – annual turkey hunt for veterans
    – 4,000 private acres