NFA Freedom Alliance

The NFAFA is the strongest direct action/lobbying organization working at the state and federal level to ease restrictions on the ownership, manufacture, sale, and use of items regulated by the National Firearms Act (NFA).

NFA Freedom Alliance
1505 West Saint Mary’s Road #217
Tuscon, Arizona 85745



Well Armed Woman

2012 Founded

TWAW Shooting Chapters exists to Educate and Empower women in a safe and non-threatening environment for their effective and responsible self-defense with a firearm.

Founded by Carrie Lightfoot

  • 47 States
  • 345 Chapters
  • 10,989 Members

Well Armed Woman
7642 E Gray Rd Ste 107
Scottsdale AZ, 85260

 888 572 7730


founded in 2011

  • Amphibian S ( integrally suppressed )
  • subsidiary of Strategic Armory Corps
  • AWC, AWC Silencers, AWC Firearms, Nexus Ammunition, and AWC Rifles

525 E Pinnacle Peak Rd Ste 100
Phoenix, AZ 85024


Knife Rights

since 2006

Rewriting Knife Law in America

  • Doug Ritter, Chairman
  • 30 legislative victories in 22 states
  •  Our Knife Owners’ Protection Act
  • Knife Rights is really two organizations.
    Knife Rights, Inc. is the 501(c)(4) member advocacy organization which promotes pro-knife legislation and opposes anti-knife legislation.
    The Knife Rights Foundation, Inc., is the 501(c)(3) charitable and educational organization that also pursues litigation in support of knife owner civil rights.


Essential Tools – Essential Rights

Knife Rights
P.O. Box 657
Gilbert, AZ


Firearms Coalition

The Firearms Coalition sends information and updates about news affecting our Second Amendment rights.

The Firearms Coalition has been in the forefront of the fight for your rights for almost 30 years, providing timely news, insightful analysis, and coordination with dozens of state, local, regional, and national rights organizations.  We have been the voice of the grass roots in Washington, and have testified before state legislatures to bring the message of liberty home.  We’re not the biggest or the best known, but we have been consistently in the forefront of the fight for your fights – never wavering, never giving in – for 3 decades.

  • semi-monthly newsletter, The Hard Corps Report

The Firearms Coalition
PO Box 1761
Buckeye, AZ  85326