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the Second Amendment

  • What is the second amendment?
  • Why was the second amendment created?
  • What does the second amendment say ?
    – W
    hat is the exact wording of the second amendment
  • When was the second amendment written ?
  • What does the second amendment mean ?
  • Why is the second amendment important ?

Firearm Law in the USA

Building Guns

Buying Guns

Carrying Guns

Firearms in Society

Gun Owners Rights Lobby

2A Activists

Firearm Industry

Here is Information on the History of Firearms Laws in the USA

Provided for informational purposes only and is not to be considered definitive. Information below has been compiled from various documents, books, magazine articles, and employee recollections.
Any errors are inadvertent.
This is not a legal document in any way

More Information of Gun Owners Rights Groups and 2A Activism
is available at Every 2nd Matters

2A Summit
for Second Amendment Coordination

Bringing 2A Activists, Organizations and Media Together
The goal of the 2A Summit is to create a place where Second Amendment Media, 2A Activists & Organizations can meet and coordinate their audiences with existing efforts to defend the second amendment


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