Kevin Dixie

  • 2017 – Founded Aiming for the Truth
    – a non-profit organization, which aims to kill violence at its roots
  • No Other Choice Firearms Training
    – latest firearm educational content, product reviews, social commentary, and community enrichment efforts

NOC Train & Learn
– 2019 – 2022

– professional instruction on building your brand/business through workshops from proven professionals
– Strengthening the “2A” Community


I heard K.D. mention this new project, we will chat about LIVE

40 acre outdoor range for firearm instructors, going to do a barbershop style K.D. noticed that a lot of great instructors with a lack a place to shoot in his area. And those ranges that are available are taking 30 percent of their profit before the class can press the trigger

they want $30 per student or 30% whichever is greater of your entire take and that’s just not fair, so they are going to give small businesses a place to operate for a year where they know that this is their space their booth for a year

and then on the other side they are planning to do community outreach, reading writing comprehension, financial literacy, things of that nature

Check out the interview:

Kevin Dixie from the PDN Training Tour on RapidFire a 2A talk show!

the Truth Pistol

More about K.D.

  • K.D. spoke at the Gun Rights Policy Conference 2018-2019
  • K.D. was one of the speakers at the 2A Rally in Washington, DC
  • K.D. created the Truth Pistol in 2019
  • Interview with Kevin Dixie of NOC Firearms & Creator of the Truth Pistol
    Ammoland Inc. by John Crump
    February 20, 2019
  • K.D. hosted first Train & Learn event in 2019
  • Participated in the 2A Patch Batch project in 2020
  • K.D. became a contributor to Personal Defense Network PDN in 2020
  • K.D. is on the SAO Board of Directors since 2021
    Kevin Dixie Joins the Second Amendment Organization’s Board of Director

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