Gun Prohibitionists


Guns are only for the National Guard (Government Militia)
Collective Rights of Guns

Handguns are the Worst

Assault Weapons are the Worst

re-packaged its gun control agenda as a public health crisis

Gun Control Lobby

Text History & Tradition
Strict Scrutiny

do we look at “what is done” or “what WAS law in the old days” often even “what was law BEFORE the USA”?

or DO we look at the strict letter of the law?

these are two very different ways to address or debate a legal issue

Product Safety – Gun Prohibitionists think all guns should be safe for kids at all times – they suggest guns are the only item not required to have limits on un-necessary safety devices

Gun Prohibitionists suggest our low crime is not a legitimate reason to own guns, but our low crime is still a reason to remove guns from law abiding

Gun Prohibitionists say the AR15 & M16 are similar, we argue..

Instead argue the validity of their objections, their facts are wack, but listened to by their side

A right not to get shot

“not in a vacuum”

gun violence epidemic

we do not feel safe – why? the number of guns? or the unwarented hype?

common sense solutions

extreme reading of the constitution that allows “deadly things”

Defense vs Offence – Police & Military define the AR15 s defensive firearm


4 Waves

  • Reformation
    – 1850s  After Civil War
    – Kept guns out of the hands of the freed slaves
  • Prohibition
    – 1930s
    – In reaction to Organized Crime created by Prohibition
    – Full Auto Scare
  • Culture Wars
    – Late 1960s
    – Spike in Crime (Street Violence, Assassinations)
    – the Political Left “Became Anti-Gun”
  • Post AWB Assault on Gun Owners
    – 2010s
    – Social Media propaganda

1960 – Research Report by the Wisconsin Legislative Reference Library
– attempt to determine whether gun laws had any relationship to crime rates
– concludes: ‘From the foregoing statistics it would be difficult to determine the effect that either licensing or nonlicensing of firearms has on the extent of crime in a State, particularly upon the murder rate per 100,000 population.’

1975 – National Council to Control Handguns

National Coalition to Ban Handguns

For decades, NRA members had the exclusive privilege of purchasing surplus army rifles at half-price. More than a million weapons, such as Springfield rifles and M1 carbines, were sold in this way, and thousands of folks joined the organization to get the deal.  the practice did not end until 1979, when the National Coalition to Ban Handguns won a lawsuit to stop it

  • Tim Kaine
    – Mayor of Richmond
    – #4 City for Homicide Rate at the time
    – Project Exile (Federal Felony for using a firearm in crime)

  • John Bolton
    – Unilateral disarmament efforts in the 70 & 80
    – Internationally vs Domestically 

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