Cam Edwards


  • originally from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • bought his first firearm in his mid-20s
  • host of the “Cam & Company” radio show
  • NRA News Radio Host
  • author of “Heavy Lifting: Grow Up, Get a Job, Start a Family, and Other Manly Advice”

Tatiana Whitlock

The Tactical Pixie

A Girl And A Gun


Toby Leary

  • 2012 Cape Gun Works co-founder
    – fourth location is 20,000 square feet

  • Rapid Fire Radio
  • Saturday morning at 8am on KNST AM790 in Tucson, AZ
  • 9am on WCRN AM830 in Worcester, Ma
  • 7PM on WXTK 95.1FM in Barnstable, Ma.
  • Sunday at 7am on WBOB AM600 or 101.1FM in Jacksonville, FL
  • 5PM on WRKO AM680 in Boston, MA.

Toby Leary

Michael Cargill

  • 12 years in the United States Army
  • 2011 – Owner/Founder: Central Texas Gun Works
  • Central Texas Gun Works was the first business in Texas to have a completely solar powered sign
  • Frequent guest and subject matter expert
  • 2014 – Host of Come And Talk It – Radio Show – Podcast
  • 2016 – Exc. Director Texans for Accountable Government (TAG)

Mark Walters

Atlanta, Georgia

  • October 2009 Book – Lessons from Armed America
    – co-written with Kathy Jackson
  • 2009 Armed American Radio
    – across the US on nearing 250 stations
    – Salem Radio Networks
  • April 19th, 2010 Speaker at Second Amendment March in Washington, DC on
  • Book – Lessons from Unarmed America
    – co-written with Rob Pincus
  • 2015  Gun Rights Policy Conference  “Gun Rights Defender of the Year” award recipient
  • April 6th, 2015 – Daily radio show
  • 2017 Gun Rights Policy Conference  “Distinguished Service Award” recipient
  • Book – Grilling While Armed-The Top 20 Recipes
    – co-written with George “The Mad Ogre” Hill

Cheryl Todd

  • AZ Firearms
  • Gun Freedom Radio podcast
  • Speaker at the Gun Rights Policy Conference
  • Speaker the NSSF Industry Summit,
  • Speaker the DC Project 

From the Gun Rights Policy Conference 2019

Amanda Suffecool

July 16

  • Third-generation gun geek
  • 2002 NRA certified instructor
  • 2010 – Eye On The Target Radio
  • Chairman – Portage County Republican Party
  • 2014 began a CCW Fashion Show

Amanda on Rapid Fire Radio podcast

The Daily Bullet – Amanda Suffecool – Eye on the Target Radio
Jan 4, 2021

From the Gun Rights Policy Conference 2019