Celebrating and empowering American women
in shooting sports and personal defense

My mission is simple. I want to recognize women and all they contribute to shooting sports, whether it’s competitive shooting or hunting. I also want to highlight women who feel safer because they exercise their second amendment right to be armed…whether it’s in their home, on their person or both. Guns can and do save lives of women and their families every day. There are plenty of examples out there that highlight this and I promise we will spotlight these stories whenever we can.

  • 2014 started by Jon James
  • ” born of a smaller site, Maine Girls with Guns. After starting with a simple Pinterest and Facebook page, I saw how quickly interest grew and decided that maybe this thing should be bigger.”
  • dedicated to highlighting women who proudly support the second amendment and want to show their communities and the world that it is a right they exercise and are proud to show it. Women featured can be hunters, target shooters, competitive shooters, police officers, soldiers, concealed carry citizens or just women who believe strongly in the rights given to all Americans under the second amendment.

Windham Weaponry

Windham, Maine

“The Quality Goes In, Before The Rifle Goes Out”


  • 2011 Richard Dyke founded Windham Weaponry in Windham, Maine
    – gathered the financing in two days
    – in the property where Bushmaster had been
    – and the workers who had helped him build Bushmaster

Windham Weaponry
PO Box 1900
Windham, Maine 04062


Tatiana Whitlock

The Tactical Pixie

A Girl And A Gun


Magnum Research

founded in 1979
Minnesota, Pennsylvania

  • 1979 Magnum Research’s founders, Jim Skildum and John Risdall in Pillager, MN
  • January 1983 filed a US patent for a gas-actuated pistol
  • 1985 – 1995 pistols were manufactured by Israel Military Industries (IMI)
  • 1995 – 1998  manufactured by Saco Defense in Saco, Maine
  • 1998 – 2009 manufactured by Israel again
    – 2005 IMI was privatized and renamed Israel Weapon Industries (IWI)
  • 2009 manufactured in Pillager, Minnesota
  • June 2010 purchased by Kahr Arms
  • 2015 moved to Pennsylvania
    –  620-acre
    – 40,000 square foot

Magnum Research
12602 33rd Avenue SW
Pillager, MN 56473



Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine

Created in 1975

  • Maine’s largest sportsman’s organization
  • 8,000 members 
  • headquarters in Augusta, ME
  • 501 (c ) 3 non-profit membership organization

To develop and provide information on wildlife resources, field sports and conservation programs that will benefit such resources, sports and programs.

  1. To educate the public concerning the American heritages of hunting, trapping and fishing. 
  2. To initiate and participate in litigation in the courts when necessary to protect the beneficial pursuits of hunting, trapping, fishing and scientific wildlife management practices.
  3. To promote and explain field sports, wildlife conservation and scientific wildlife management practices through literature, films, the press, television and radio.
  4. To provide organizations throughout the state in financial and management assistance programs to achieve these purposes. 
  5. To acquire and develop moneys to be used for scholarships and awards relative to these purposes. 
  6. Defend and protect the right of individuals to keep, use and bear firearms. 
  7. To do any and all things· that are necessary for, or incident to, the purposes hereinbefore stated.

David Trahan, Executive Director



  • 1973 originally the Gwinn Firearms Company in Madison, North Carolina
    sold the Bushmaster bullpup carbine 5.56
    moved to Bangor, Maine
  • Richard Dyke purchased for $241,000
    – moved to Windham, Maine
  • 1992 until 2005 Bushmaster M17S bullpup rifle
  • 2002 “D.C. Sniper” attacks
  • 2006 sold to Cerberus Capital Management
  • 2006 bought Cobb Manufacturing
  • 2007 BA50 bolt action rifle 50bmg
  • 2008 Magpul agreed to manufacture the Masada rifle, as the Bushmaster ACR
  • 2010  ACR entered the market
  • 2011 Remington’s Ilion, NY Facility
  • 2012 added to Freedom Group
  • 2011 Windham Weaponry was created by Richard Dyke
    – in Windham, Maine
  • 2012 Sandy Hook in Newtown, Conn attacks
  • 2014 relocated in Huntsville, Alabama
    – 500,000-square-foot facility
    – formerly used by Chrysler
  • 6,400 firearm gun library ???

Bushmaster Firearms
1816 Remington Circle SW
Huntsville, AL 35824


Poulin Auctions

since 1950s

  • 1950s Arthur Julia started the  auction house
  • over $400 MILLION in firearm auction sales
  • 2017 Arthur Julia passed

Poulin Antiques & Auctions, Inc.
199 Skowhegan Rd
Fairfield, ME 04937

(207) 453-2114