Dawn Hillyer

Anti-Stalking Advocate, Public Speaker
Founder of Hiding Hilda CCW Purses

  • 2013 – NRA Certified Refuse To Be A Victim® Instructor
  • 2015 – founded Hiding Hilda LLC
  • 2019 – VP of Women of the Indiana State and Rifle Association (Indiana Girls with Guns)

HidingHilda is where protection meets style! – HidingHilda, LLC

HidingHilda LLC was born out of the need for peace of mind, and the want of style. We carry the top brands of CCW Concealment purses as well as manufacture

Michael Cargill

  • 12 years in the United States Army
  • 2011 – Owner/Founder: Central Texas Gun Works
  • Central Texas Gun Works was the first business in Texas to have a completely solar powered sign
  • Frequent guest and subject matter expert
  • 2014 – Host of Come And Talk It – Radio Show – Podcast
  • 2016 – Exc. Director Texans for Accountable Government (TAG)