Tippmann Armory

since 2015
Fort Wayne, Indiana

  • originated from Tippmann Arms, a manufacturer of miniature scale fully automated machine guns in the 1980’s
  • .357 Mag Rolling Block
  • .44 Mag Rolling Block
  • Rolling Block 45-70

Tippmann Armory 
3518 Adams Center Rd.
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46806



Trailblazer Firearms

started in 2014
Trailblazer Firearms

  • 2014 founded by Aaron Voigt
    – to design, develop, manufacture and market innovative American-made firearms
  •  LifeCard
    – took us seven years to bring the initial LifeCard concept to market
    – just 27 parts
    – weighs about 7 ounces
  • 2019  LifeCard .22 Magnum

Trailblazer Firearms
388 Cane Creek Road
Fletcher, NC 28732


Israel Weapon Industries

founded in 1933
US operations in 2013
Middletown, Pennsylvania

  • formerly the Magen division of the Israel Military Industries
  • an Israeli firearms manufacturer
  • 1950s creator of the Uzi (10 million produced)
  • 1960s Galil
  • 1995 Tavor
  • 2005, the Small Arms Division of IMI was privatized and renamed IWI
    Israel Weapon Industries
  • 2013 IWI US, Inc. began operations
  • 2013 Tavor reaches the US market
  • 2014 and 2015 (NASGW) Importer of the Year
    – National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers
  • 2014 IWI US’s Law Enforcement Division was launched

Israel Military Industries (IMI)
1441 Stoneridge Dr.
Middletown, Pennsylvania 17057



Defense Distributed

since Dec 2012

to develop and freely publish firearms-related design schematics that can be downloaded and reproduced by anyone


  • December 2012 raised $20,000 via crowd-funding
    – confiscated their first 3D printer
  • online open-source hardware organization
  • develop digital schematics of firearms in CAD files
    – downloaded from the Internet and used in 3D printing or CNC milling
  •  Cody Wilson founder and spokesperson
  • December 2012 DEFCAD
  • May 5, 2013, Defense Distributed made printable STL files public
    – Liberator, the world’s first completely 3D printed gun
    – the United States Department of State demanded they be removed from the Internet
  • October 2014 Ghost Gunner
    – miniature CNC mill for completing receivers for the AR-15
  • May 6, 2015, Defense Distributed, joined by the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), filed Defense Distributed v. U.S. Dept. of State in the Western District of Texas
  • July 27, 2018, Defense Distributed released ten CAD files for download at DEFCAD

Defense Distributed
2320 Donley Dr
Austin, TX 78758

(512) 584-8013

Windham Weaponry

Windham, Maine

“The Quality Goes In, Before The Rifle Goes Out”


  • 2011 Richard Dyke founded Windham Weaponry in Windham, Maine
    – gathered the financing in two days
    – in the property where Bushmaster had been
    – and the workers who had helped him build Bushmaster

Windham Weaponry
PO Box 1900
Windham, Maine 04062



Para USA

moved to USA in 2009 – 2015
Canada, North Carolina, Alabama

History in Canada

  • 1985 founded by Ted Szabo and Thanos Polyzos in Canada
    – two childhood friends
    – Szabo was born in Hungary
    – Polyzos was born in Greece
  • had a factory in Markham, Ontario, Canada
  • January 2009 moved to Pineville, North Carolina

USA History

  • January 2009 moved to Pineville, North Carolina
  • Renamed Para USA
  • January 2012 bought by Freedom Group
  • 2014 moved into Remington Arms facility in Huntsville, Alabama
  •  March 2015 cessation of the Para name

Palmetto State Armory

established in 2008
South Carolina

  • 2008 Jamin McCallum began selling magazines and ammunition online while fulfilling orders out of his garage
  • known for its line of AR-15 rifles and pistols
  •  expanded toAK-47 style rifles
  •  six retail stores in South Carolina