STRIDE Adaptive Sports

Since 2010

 educates and empowers individuals with special needs in life-changing sport and recreation programs to sustain healthy, active and fun lifestyles

  • STRIDE Adaptive Sports
  • 501(c)(3) nonprofit
  • provides over 8,000 adaptive sport and recreation lessons each year
    – to individuals with disabilities, focusing on youth and Wounded Warriors
  •  over 300 skilled volunteer
  • serves over 1,500 families
  •  17 different sports
  • at 26+ regional locations
  • partner member of Move United (formerly Disabled Sports USA)

Adaptive Target Shooting Program

  • Troy, NY
  •  held at the RPI Rifle Range
    – The range was built as a military shooting range in the early 1950’s
  • 1983  live ammo was replaced with air rifles

STRIDE Adaptive Sports
4482 NY Highway 150
West Sand Lake, New York 12196


Adaptive Target Shooting Program

Kahr Arms

Founded in 1995
New York, Pennsylvania

  • 1995 founded by Justin Moon in Blauvelt, New York
    – son of Sun Myung Moon
    (founder of the Unification Church)
  • 1999 Kahr Arms bought Auto-Ordnance Company
  • June 2010, Kahr bought Magnum Research
  • July 1, 2013 left New York state because of New York’s
    – Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act (NY SAFE Act)
    – purchased 620 acres in Pike County, Pennsylvania
  • January 2015, the Kahr Arms company changed to the Kahr Firearms Group
  • August 11, 2015 grand opening of 40,000-square-foot headquarters


Kahr Arms

Kimber Manufacturing

founded in 1979

  • 1950s Jack Warne started Sporting Arms (Sportco) in Adelaide, South Australia
  • 1968 Omark Industries purchased Sporting Arms
  • 1968 Jack Warne moved to Oregon
  • 1979 founded as “Kimber of Oregon” by Jack Warne in Clackamas, Oregon
    – accurate .22 long rifle caliber rifles
  • second manufacturing plant in Colton, Oregon
  • 1989, Kimber of Oregon sold to WTD Industries, Inc (Bruce Engel)
    – later went bankrupt
    – Kimber of Oregon’s tooling ended up in a Portland junkyard
  • 1990 Dan Cooper (fomer Kimber employee) founded Cooper Firearms of Montana
  • February 1991 Jack Warne founded the Warne Manufacturing Company
    – manufactured new rifle scope mounting system
  • Mid 1990s  Greg Warne & Les Edelman purchased the original tooling and partnered to found Kimber of America
    – Edelman forced Greg Warne out
  • 1996? – Kimber mves to Yonkers, New York
  • 2002 LAPD SWAT chose a Custom TLE II as standard issue
  • 2019 moved from Yonkers, NY to Troy, Alabama

Shiloh Rifle

began in 1976
New York, Montana

  • 1848-1881 32-year run of original Sharps rifle production
  • March 12, 1874 Sharps died (64)

Modern Sharps

  • 1976 started as Shiloh Products, Inc
    – in Farmingdale, New York
    – founded by Len Mulé & Wolfgang Droege
  • Len Mulé
    –  manufactured high quality bullet moulds for blackpowder shooters
    –  four-cavity design
    –  sold as the “Shiloh IV” moulds
  • 1975 the premiered New Model 1863 Rifle & New Model 1863 Carbine
    – worked with Pinetree Casting (a division of Ruger)
    – used original Civil War salvage parts from Dixie Gun Works
  • 1976 percussion rifles and carbines produced at Farmingdale, New York plant
  • 1976 Len Mulé began researching and working on the blueprints of the cartridge models Shiloh Model 1874
  • 1977 Model 1874 metallic cartridge rifle models went into production
  • 1983 Shiloh Sharps Rifle Company
    – moved to Big Timber, Montana
    –  Merged with C. Sharps Arms
    –  180/acre shooting range
  • 1986 Shiloh Rifle Manufacturing Company split from C. Sharps Arms
  • 1990 Quigley Down Under – Shiloh manufactured the Sharps rifle
  • 1991 purchased by the Bryant brothers
  • 1996 started in house Foundry

Shiloh Rifle
201 Centennial Dr
Big Timber, Montana 59011

Dan Wos

  • 2nd Amendment  public speaker
  • 2016 Author of  “Good Gun Bad Guy – Behind the Lies of the Anti-Gun Radical”
  • 2017 Author of   “Good Gun Bad Guy 2 – Destroying the Anti-Gun Narrative.”
  • Loaded Mic Podcast

From the Gun Rights Policy Conference 2019

Dr Robert Young

– Practicing psychiatrist
– Member of Doctors For Responsible Gun Ownership (DRGO)

Dr. Young speaks with Charles Heller of “America Armed & Free” about allowing hospital workers to be armed, boundary violations by unqualified doctors talking to patients about guns and other subjects. (Related to FOPA) Originally aired 3/6/2016

Dan Wesson

 incorporated in 1968
Norwich, New York

  • 1852 Smith & Wesson was founded by Horace Smith and Daniel B. Wesson
  • 1873 Daniel B. Wesson. Mr. Wesson purchased Mr. Smith’s interest in S&W
  • April 22, 1916 Daniel B. Wesson II  (born) in Springfield, Massachusetts
  • 1938 – 1963 Daniel B. Wesson II worked at Smith & Wesson
  • 1965 Smith & Wesson purchased by Bangor-Punta
  • 1968 Dan Wesson Arms founded in Monson, Massachusetts
  • 1996 moved to Norwich, New York
  • 2005 bought by CZ-USA
    Female CEO Alice Poluchová

Dan Wesson
65 Borden Ave.
Norwich, NY 13815

(800) 955-4486

Peggy Tartaro


  • 1979 joined Gun Week newspaper
    – held positions in circulation and advertising through 1989
    – published by the non-profit Second Amendment Foundation Inc
  • 1989 Joseph Tartaro (father) took over the then-new “Women & Guns” magazine
  • 1989 associate editor “Women & Guns” magazine
  • 1993 became Executive Editor
  • 1990- 2019 Editor of Women & Guns magazine
  • 1997 trustee of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
  • treasurer of Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
  •  managing editor of The Gun
  • 2007  NRA’s Sybil Luddington Women’s Freedom Award
  • member of Shooters Committee on Political Education (SCOPE, Inc.)
  • NRA Life Member
  • served for several years as a member of the National Rifle Association’s Women’s Policies Committee

Numrich Gun Parts

since 1950
Kingston, New York

The World’s Largest Supplier of Gun Parts


  • George Numrich
  • 1950 started as Numrich Arms, a small gun shop in Westchester County, NY
  • 1960s upstairs room was called The Museum Room until the collection was donated to the West Point Museum
  • 1962 Warehouse #1 built
  • 1965 Warehouse #2 =  the original retail store
  • 1977 – 1978 manufactured barrels for the Hopkins & Allen black powder line
    –  machines originally came from Savage
  • April 1989 another new building
  • – seven warehouses
    – 1,000,000 cubic feet
    – and a manufacturing plant

Numrich Gun Parts Corporation
226 Williams Ln.
Kingston, NY 12401


Paxton Quigley

Coming from a liberal, mid-western, anti-gun background, Paxton Quigley made an about-face when her best friend was raped. She vowed not to let it happen to her. She bought a gun and became an expert on self-defense. Her first book Armed & Female was a best seller. She became a spokesperson for Smith & Wesson and a firearms instructor.

  • graduate of Northwestern University in Communications
  • Masters Degree in Anthropology from the University of Chicago
  • 1968 presidential-campaign staff of Senator Robert Kennedy
  • Helped create the National Committee for Handgun Control
  • wrote a political science text- book
  • wrote a cartoon book on pregnancy for non-English speakers
  • director of community relations for Playboy Enterprises
  • a close friend was raped at home 10 minutes before police answered her emergency call for help
  • 1989 author “Armed & Female.”
  • as a firearms instructor, has taught 7,000 women how to shoot a handgun for self-defense
  • April 27, 1995 author “Not an Easy Target: Paxton Quigley’s Self-Protection for Women
  • August 30, 2005 author “Stayin’ Alive: Armed and Female in an Unsafe World”
  • September 15, 2010 author “Armed &  Female: Taking Control
  • spokesperson for Smith & Wesson
  • was Yoko Ono’s  bodyguard
  • has appeared on more than 300 TV and radio shows
  • hosts a radio show called “Cannabis Healing With Paxton Quigley,”

She trained at

  • Executive Security International
  • Lethal Force Institute
  • Gunsite Academy