Citizens Committee Right to Keep and Bear Arms

started in 1972

the lobbying affiliate of the Second Amendment Foundation

  • 1972 Founded by Alan Gottlieb
  • Originally the National Club of the Washington State Young Americans for Freedom Foundation branch
  • – Students Committee for the Right to Keep & Bear Arms
    – Changed the name to
  • Soon after Alan took over, the national branch of the club was larger than the rest of the YAFF
    – They let him turn it into a separate organization and take over operations
  • 1975 – SAF is the 501C Education & Legal Defense, tax deductible (non-profit)
  • 1972 – CCRKBA – Lobby, not tax deductible (non-profit)

Alan Gottlieb

– 1971 Founded the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
(at 24 yrs old)


Joseph Tartaro

Joseph P. Tartaro
March 17,1931 – June 13, 2020 (89)

  • US Army – Korean War
  • editor of Pacific Stars & Stripes
  • Father of Peggy Tartaro
  • President of the Second Amendment Foundation 
  • 1979 bought Gun Week newspaper (with his brother) 
    – later transferred it to the Second Amendment Foundation
  • Executive Editor of
  • 1989 – named president of Second Amendment Foundation
  • 1989  2nd Amendment foundation acquired Women & Guns, founded by Sunny Jones, who remained as its editor
  • co-editor of the monthly newsletter, The Gottlieb-Tartaro Report
  • 1993 – Author – The Great Assault Weapon Hoax 
  • Joseph was a former Ad Executive for Tartaro Advertising