United States Carbine Association

founded in 2012

  • Rifle & pistol matches
  • national governing body for the sport of 2-gun
  • 5 distinct shooting regions
  • 2012-2015

United States Carbine Association (USCA)

Microtech MSAR

founded in 1994
Florida, North Carolina

  •  famous for its tactical OTF automatic knives
  • 1994 founded in Vero Beach, Florida
  • 2005 relocated to Bradford, Pennsylvania
  • 2009 relocated to Fletcher, North Carolina

“It has the same quality as a handmade custom.”

Microtech Small Arms Research (MSAR)

2007 – 2015

  • 2007 manufactured an American-made  Steyr AUG
    – Microtech Small Arms Research (MSAR)
  • 2009 Archangel 9mm pistol
  • Fletcher, North Carolina

Desert Tech

founded in 2007
West Valley City, Utah

  • 2007 founded as Desert Tactical Arms by Nick Young
  • 2013 re-branded as Desert Tech
  • 2018 all of their firearms are bullpup

Desert Tech
PO Box 65816
Salt Lake City, UT 84165


Project Appleseed

Project Appleseed

  • 1999 started from a series of ads appearing in Shotgun News
    by Jack Dailey under a pseudonym “Fred”
  • 2017 those ads ceased
  • April 2006 in Ramseur, North Carolina
  • 2006 instructors began a national tour to attract instructors who could maintain and develop local programs
  • 2018 over 120,000 individuals have attended an Appleseed marksmanship and history clinic in all 50 states

a non-partisan group of men and women (known as the Revolutionary War Veterans Association) who are committed to upholding the values and principles of America’s founding fathers. We use rifle marksmanship instruction as a gateway to help bring our nation’s history to life and to show that many of the values that our forefathers relied on to win our independence are still very much in demand today.

Through clinics and events, we teach rifle marksmanship and early American heritage to introduce individuals of all skill levels to the knowledge that was so crucial to the success of our nation’s founders. Aside from the fun and camaraderie of these events, the designed takeaway is a renewed sense of civic responsibility that each attendee can then implement in his or her own community. If we can reconnect enough people with the selfless civic virtue of our forefathers, we as a nation will all be better off.

Our goal is to create a nation of Riflemen

Appleseed is a fast-growing non-profit nationwide community of volunteers. Therefore, it is to be expected that prices, terms, and programs offered are and can be subject to change without notice. Visitors to our site should be cautioned that printed literature can be old/out-of-date, and that only prices and opportunities currently listed on the site are authoritative as to current Appleseed programs and opportunities.

March 31, 2006 – founded

Appleseed is a fast-growing non-profit nationwide community of volunteers committed to teaching two things: rifle marksmanship and our early American heritage.


American Confederation of Tactical Shooters

created in 2005

To provide a sport in which Civilian rifle owners along with Military and Law Enforcement professionals can practice ‘real world’ shooting skills in a sporting venue that has not been offered by any other shooting discipline or association.

Find out if you’re a shooter or just a gun owner

American Confederation of Tactical Shooters


International Confederation of Fullbore Rifle Associations (ICFRA)

International association for the fullbore target rifle shooting sports of Palma and F-Class

  • 1999 Palma and Individual Long Range World Championship representatives of 14 countries met and a formed a steering committee to form the foundation of an international organization to become the successor of the Palma Council
  • July 2003 – ICFRA was formally founded
  • 2011 International Long-range Target Rifle Match held in Australia won by Great Britain
  • 2015 International Long-range Target Rifle Match held in the U.S. won by Great Britain


  • fullbore rifle discipline
  • shot with iron sighted rifles
  • Shot prone
  • supported with a sling (no bipods or rests are permitted)
  • at ranges from 300 to 1000 yards
  • International competitions
  • only two permitted calibers  .223 Remington or .308 Winchester

Robinson Armament

Started in 1999
North Salt Lake, Utah


  • 1999 founded by Alex Robinson
  • 1999 – 2005 manufactured the M-96
    – high quality copy of the original Stoner 63
    – produced in limited quantities
  • 2004 XCR is a multi-caliber, gas piston rifle system
  • 2009 15 employees
  • 2020 limited number of M96s from their remaining M96 parts inventory

(801) 355-0402

Henry Repeating Arms

started in 1996

  • lever action manufacturer
  • no affiliation or lineage to Benjamin Tyler Henry
  • 1996 started by Louis Imperato son Anthony in Brooklyn, New York
  • secured the trademark to the Henry name
  • March 1997 first model the Henry H001 Lever Action .22
  • headquarters in Bayonne, New Jersey
  • manufacturing facility  in Rice Lake, Wisconsin
  • November 2007 Louis Imperato passed away
  • November 2016  1000-Man Shoot at Ben Avery Shooting Center

“Made In America Or Not Made At All”

Henry Repeating Arms
59 East 1st Street
Bayonne, NJ 07002


Semi Automatic Rifle Import Ban (1989)


  • Wed March 15, 1989 – spring suspension
  • July 7, 1989 – Signed into law
  • Bush Administration
  • banned imports of semiautomatic assault rifles indefinitely
  • announced by William J. Bennett, the director of national drug policy
  • requests from importers to bring in the rifles had nearly tripled those for all of 1988
  • Law enforcement officers have complained they are often outgunned by drug-traffickers and other criminals who carry high-powered weapons that fire many rounds without needing reloading.
  • Doctors and nurses in major cities have reported sharp increases in the numbers of deaths and serious wounds from such weapons
  • firearms dealers attributed the sharp jump in import-permit applications to a fear by the gun-owning public that purchase of the weapons soon would be prohibited
  • Stephen E. Higgins, the director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, estimated that half the owners of assault rifles are collectors.
  • The permanent ban affected all 43 of the 50 models included in the spring suspension



Imports cited by Bennett

  • 1988 = 113,732
  • 1987 = 40,000
  • 1986 = 4,000


Single Action Shooting Society

  • 1981 Cowboy Action Shooting created
  • April 1982 first END of TRAIL was introduced
  • 1987 formed by Harper Creigh
  • at Coto de Caza, California
  • 1987 – The Single Action Shooting Society formed
  • SASS is the governing organization of Cowboy Action Shooting, worldwide
  • SASS is headquartered in Edgewood, New Mexico
  • a staff of 5 employees
  • 1999, SASS expanded its national Cowboy Action Shooting Championship program to include SASS Regional Events
  • 2004, SASS purchased a rustic 480-acre ranch in the rolling hills 20 miles east of Albuquerque, New Mexico “Founders Ranch”
  • over 97,000 members in all fifty states and 18 foreign countries
  • 700 SASS affiliated clubs

Cowboy Action Shooting is the fastest growing outdoor shooting sport in the country. Attracting competitors from around the world, Cowboy Action Shooting is not only a sport that tests the shooters accuracy, but also a forum that brings back the days of the Old West in a veritable celebration of the cowboy lifestyle.

SASS publications

  • The Cowboy Chronicle
  • SASS Rule Book
  • Territorial Governor Bulletin
  • END of TRAIL Publications

Single Action Shooting Society
215 Cowboy Way
Edgewood, NM 87015

(877) 411-SASS