Precision Rifle Series (PRS)

established in 2012

To promote and grow the sport of competitive precision rifle shooting in a safe, fair, and practical manner for shooters of all skill levels and ages.

  • Precision Rifle Series (PRS)
  • PRS Championship Shooting Series is synonymous with precision rifle shooting
  • more than 1000 professional level competitors
  • recognized as the leading organizing body for local, regional and national matches


National Benchrest Shooters Association

since 1990s?

The development and encouragement of extreme accuracy in rifles, ammuntion, equipment and shooting methods


  • To standardize on a national basis the entire Bench Rest Shooting program so that targets, ranges, scoring methods, records and match procedure will be uniform and comparable.
  •  governing organization for bench rest shooting in the United States
  • between 100 and 500 yards
  • 1991 first international benchrest competition, in France

National Benchrest Shooters Association
PO Box 349
Concord, VA 24538

(434) 993-9201


Paralympic Shooting

founded 1976

  • 1976 Paralympic Shooting made debut at the 1st Paralympic Games
  • 1976, only 3 shooting events
  • 2020 = nine rifle & four pistol events
    both airguns and .22 caliber
  • 8 of 13 events are mixed gender
  • open to male and female athletes with physical disabilities
  •  governed by International Paralympic Committee (IPC)
  • 2019 Shooting was added to the program at the Para Pan American Championships (Lima, Peru)

United States Paralympic Shooting Team

  • has won 5 Paralympic medals
    1 gold
    1 silver
    3 bronze

USA Shooting
1 Olympic Plaza
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
(719) 866-4670


International Benchrest Shooters

 formed in 1970

to foster uniform competition to achieve the ultimate accuracy in firearms, ammunition, components, equipment and shooting methods


  • International Benchrest Shooters (IBS)
  •  association with the

Benchrest shooting is the pinnacle of accuracy and precision, where near perfection is achievable, and consistency is the key. The best shooters in this exhilarating sport are lifelong students. Nothing can adequately describe the excitement, challenge and camaraderie in this sport we call Benchrest.