Rimfire Challenge Shooting Association

created in 2018

  •  a clearinghouse for participants and scheduled matches
  • promotes Rimfire competition

Rimfire Challenge Shooting Association
104 E Fairview Ave. #215
Meridian ID 83642-1733



Youth Education in Shooting Sports (USAYESS)

founded in 2013

a non-profit organization and the nation’s premier and only all-inclusive youth program which introduces, grows, supports, and educates youth, and their families to firearm safety, shooting sports and wildlife conservation and habitat.

P.O. Box 1022
Colville, WA 99114



Precision Rifle Series (PRS)

established in 2012

To promote and grow the sport of competitive precision rifle shooting in a safe, fair, and practical manner for shooters of all skill levels and ages.

  • Precision Rifle Series (PRS)
  • PRS Championship Shooting Series is synonymous with precision rifle shooting
  • more than 1000 professional level competitors
  • recognized as the leading organizing body for local, regional and national matches



United States Carbine Association

founded in 2012

  • Rifle & pistol matches
  • national governing body for the sport of 2-gun
  • 5 distinct shooting regions
  • 2012-2015

United States Carbine Association (USCA)

A Girl & A Gun


To educate and encourage women about firearm usage, safety, and promote women’s shooting interest and participation in competitive shooting sports.

  • Founded by Julianna Crowder
  • 2010 – 2020 A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League (AG & AG)
  • 2014 – First all-ladies squad competing in the International Defensive Pistol Association National Championships
  • 2015 – First all-ladies squad competing in the IDPA “Smith & Wesson Indoor National Championship”
  • Lara Smith California spokesperson of Girl & a Gun

3-Gun Nation

started in Feb 2009

  • Pete Brown, President and Founder of 3-Gun Nation
  • Formed with the goal of promoting the sport of 3-Gun shooting across the United States
  • started as a TV Show
  • affiliate clubs in over ten countries
  •  X-Games of the shooting sports

Project Appleseed

Project Appleseed

  • 1999 started from a series of ads appearing in Shotgun News
    by Jack Dailey under a pseudonym “Fred”
  • 2017 those ads ceased
  • April 2006 in Ramseur, North Carolina
  • 2006 instructors began a national tour to attract instructors who could maintain and develop local programs
  • 2018 over 120,000 individuals have attended an Appleseed marksmanship and history clinic in all 50 states

a non-partisan group of men and women (known as the Revolutionary War Veterans Association) who are committed to upholding the values and principles of America’s founding fathers. We use rifle marksmanship instruction as a gateway to help bring our nation’s history to life and to show that many of the values that our forefathers relied on to win our independence are still very much in demand today.

Through clinics and events, we teach rifle marksmanship and early American heritage to introduce individuals of all skill levels to the knowledge that was so crucial to the success of our nation’s founders. Aside from the fun and camaraderie of these events, the designed takeaway is a renewed sense of civic responsibility that each attendee can then implement in his or her own community. If we can reconnect enough people with the selfless civic virtue of our forefathers, we as a nation will all be better off.

Our goal is to create a nation of Riflemen

Appleseed is a fast-growing non-profit nationwide community of volunteers. Therefore, it is to be expected that prices, terms, and programs offered are and can be subject to change without notice. Visitors to our site should be cautioned that printed literature can be old/out-of-date, and that only prices and opportunities currently listed on the site are authoritative as to current Appleseed programs and opportunities.

March 31, 2006 – founded

Appleseed is a fast-growing non-profit nationwide community of volunteers committed to teaching two things: rifle marksmanship and our early American heritage.