Rock Island Auction Co

since 1993

  • Pat Hogan, founder
  • 1974 joined the Navy
    – machinist’s mate on a fast attack nuclear submarine
  • 1990’s Pat began produced and designed auction catalogs for other auction companies
  • 1991 two book,
    – Luger: The Multi-National Pistol
    – U.S. Automatic Pistols
  • 1993 Rock Island Auction Company began
  • 2016 Kevin Hogan became President

Rock Island Auction Co
7819 – 42 Street West
Rock Island, Illinois 61201



Colt Collectors Association (CCA)

founded in 1980

The Association is dedicated to the preservation of Colt firearms and other items produced by the Company, along with the study of the history relating to their development and usage.


  • affiliated with the National Rifle Association
  • major donor to the NRA National Firearms Museum
  • 1980  initial membership of 42
  • 1996 Elizabeth Colt Legacy Foundation is a charitable foundation  Elizabeth Colt Legacy Foundation is a charitable foundation
  • 2020 = 2600+ members

Colt Collectors Association, Inc
1913 Lakes Edge Dr
Lexington, KY 40502



American Society of Arms Collectors


  • 1953 – Founded
  • Membership is limited to a maximum of 250 active members, and membership is by invitation only

permanent national organization for persons interested in the collection, research, study, and preservation of arms, armor, and accessories and accouterments; to establish and promote standards and ethics in research and dissemination of information pertaining to the history of arms and armor; and to promote and further the preparation, publication and distribution of scholarly literature pertaining to the development and history of arms and armor.


American Society of Arms Collectors
P.O. Box 2172
Noblesville, IN 46061-2172


Ye Connecticut Gun Guild

  • Sunday evening May 7, 1944  five men met in the home of Walter MacGregor on Cumberland Avenue in Wethersfield, Connecticut to discuss the formation of a new organization to promote their interests in the preservation, study and collecting of antique firearms.

Gun Collecting, Buying and Selling


The Guild and it’s members have been gathering monthly since 1944 fostering the preservation of history and an appreciation for all things militaria. From the waning years of World War II to the present, the Connecticut Gun Guild has grown from five enthusiastic men to a diverse, multinational organization of over 350 members. The Guild continues to promote safety, responsibility, friendship, and research while attempting to preserve our constitutional rights and pursue our chosen hobby which includes the collecting and preservation of firearms.