Firearms Coalition

The Firearms Coalition sends information and updates about news affecting our Second Amendment rights.

The Firearms Coalition has been in the forefront of the fight for your rights for almost 30 years, providing timely news, insightful analysis, and coordination with dozens of state, local, regional, and national rights organizations.  We have been the voice of the grass roots in Washington, and have testified before state legislatures to bring the message of liberty home.  We’re not the biggest or the best known, but we have been consistently in the forefront of the fight for your fights – never wavering, never giving in – for 3 decades.

  • semi-monthly newsletter, The Hard Corps Report

The Firearms Coalition
PO Box 1761
Buckeye, AZ  85326

Dr. Jennifer Carlson

  • Assistant Professor of Sociology University of Arizona
  • 2015 – Author – Citizen-Protectors: The Everyday Politics of Guns in an Age of Decline

Doug Ritter

  • Former officer and pilot in the Civil Air Patrol
  • Contributor to CODE ONE magazine
  • 1994 – established Equipped To Survive
  • Founding member of POMA, the Professional Outdoor Media Association
  • 2003 Designed the Adventure Medical Kits Pocket Survival Pak
  • May 2004 Designed RSK Mk1 by Benchmade Knife Company 
  • 2006 Founded Knife Rights
  • Chairman of Knife Rights

Jeff Knox

– Son of “Neal” Knox
– Hard Corps Report
– Co-Maintains and

– Publisher of Knox Report column published in Shotgun News now Firearms News
– regular columnist for Ammoland
– Gun Freedom Radio EP101 Hr.1 Welcoming the New Year
– Gun Freedom Radio EP61 Hr.1 Scary Things Halloween 2016
– Gun Freedom Radio EP 24 Hr.1 Sibling Rivalry
– Gun Freedom Radio EP 18 Hr.2 Glancing Back & Moving Forward

Cheryl Todd

  • AZ Firearms
  • Gun Freedom Radio podcast
  • Speaker at the Gun Rights Policy Conference
  • Speaker the NSSF Industry Summit,
  • Speaker the DC Project 

From the Gun Rights Policy Conference 2019