Gemini Technologies – Gemtech

 since 1976
Idaho, Massachusetts

  •  founded by Phil Dater in Eagle, Idaho
  • 1993 Greg Latka was president
  • 1994-2016 manufactured by GSL Technology in Michigan
  • 2011 developed subsonic .22 Long Rifle ammunition
  • 2011 instrumental in forming the American Suppressor Association (ASA)
  • July 2017 purchased by Smith & Wesson
  • 2017 moved to Massachusetts




World Fast Draw Association

formed in 1976

  • nonprofit group
  • dedicated to governing, preserving and promoting the sport of Fast Draw
  • Mid-Western and Western Fast Draw Associations merged
  • one of the largest sanctioning bodies in the sport of Fast Draw
  • active members in the United States, Canada, Japan, Korea, the United Kingdom, Germany, and more
  • blanks and wax bullets are the recommended


Cascade Cartridge Inc

 founded in 1951
Lewiston, Idaho

  • 1951 founded by Dick Speer (1915-1994) in Lewiston, Idaho
    – machinist at Boeing Aircraft’s Seattle plant
    – brother of Vernon Speer, who founded Speer Bullets
    – there was money to be made in reloading
  • provided a steady source of component primers
  • bought a 17-acre chicken ranch next to the Lewiston Gun Club
    – a mile south of brother Vernon’s bullet works
    –  production began in a renovated chicken coop
  • When the Lewiston Gun Club moved, Speer bought the adjoining property
  • February 2015 bought by Vista Outdoor

2299 Snake River Ave.
Lewiston, ID 83501



started in 1943
Lewiston, Idaho

  • 1943 Vernon Speer started building bullets
    –  reloaders couldn’t get components from ammo companies during World War II
  •  initially focused on hunting rifle bullets
  • he also built the first mass-produced jacketed handgun bullets for hunting and law enforcement
  • 1960 Lawman line
  • Speer Gold Dot
  • Vista Outdoor

2299 Snake River Ave.
Lewiston, ID 83501