How do I create Firearm Content on the Internet?

Where to Begin?
What is your goal?

  • Do you hope to make money? (Wanna get Rich?)
  • Are you interested in being famous?
  • Brag about your Hunting Adventures?
  • Are you the next firearms expert?
  • Do you want to explain things in a new way?
  • Do you hope to inspire activism?
  • Fund a Gun Owners Rights group?

Maybe you want to share your adventures with family & close friends.
Or, perhaps you just want to have some fun with guns !!

All of these are valid reasons to learn and start making 2A content.
We hope to provide useful information on how to get started, and maintain your content (projects) to perform its best on the internet and social media platforms

Let’s get started

Creating Firearms Content

Whatever your goal (or goals) for your project, you’ll need to start somewhere.

  • Creating a website is a good first step no matter which way you eventually proceed
  • Setting up the Social Media Accounts is vital as well
  • Then, creating a Schedule to Produce & Publish Your Information an a regular basis
  • Once your plan is set, Get Ready to Work at it for a while.
    Nothing happens on its own, and efforts are rewarded

Building Online Projects

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