Ray Chapman

1928 – February 2, 2008

– Chapman Acadamy – Columbia, MO
– Friend of Jeff Cooper
 the man the late, great Jeff Cooper called “the maestro” 
of practical handgun shooting according to Massad Ayoo

  • United States Marine Corps, Pacific Ocean theater, World War II
  • Marine during early stages of the Korean Conflict
  • fireman in Oregon as he completed his Degree in Civil Engineering
  • worked as a policeman in California
  • 1950s worked at California Highway Department
  • 1950s – Central to the development of practical shooting
  • 1950s pioneer of the Southwest Pistol League
  • 1975 won the first IPSC Handgun World Shoot
  • 1975 Opened the world-renowned Chapman Academy of Practical Shooting in Columbia Missouri
  • 1976 – Founder of the International Practical Shooting Confederation
  • 1979 retired from competition
  • 1979 His training facility became the home of the Bianchi Cup
  • retired from the Academy in 1995
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  • 2012 is a banner year in that Chapman Academy is now open for teaching again
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