Every 2nd Matters

Promoting 2nd Amendment Awareness

We are a group of like minded firearm owners who want to keep the conversation about the 2nd Amendment and our Right to Own Firearms alive

We meet up online once a month (or so) and talk about the Second Amendment issues. what we did, what we could do, and learn from each other new ways to keep the conversation about guns alive

  • Started in Nov 2013
  • Talk about the 2nd Amendment on the 2nd of each month


What is “Every 2nd Matters”?

– An awareness campaign for 2nd Amendment Issues

What is the Goal?

– To start conversations about 2nd Amendment Issues at the ‘person to person’ level

How to Participate?

– Start a conversation about 2nd Amendment Issues, especially on the 2nd day of each month

Does it Cost Anything?

– No

How to ‘Join’?

– There is nothing to join. You can follow the social media accounts if you choose

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