part Cobra snake & part Moray Eel = Cobray

started in 1986

  • Gordon Ingram
  • invented the M-0 (.45acp) and M-11(.380)
  •  started Military Armament Corporation (MAC)
    Powder Springs, Georgia
    the first company to manufacture the MAC Model 10 (MAC-10)
  • 1976 MAC declared bankruptcy
  • developer and manufacturer of submachine guns
  • counter terrorist training center
  • 1964 M-10
  • 1967 Mitchell WerBell III designed a silencer
  • 1970s the gun/suppresser combination was purchased by MAC (Military Armament Corporation) and became known as the MAC-10 and MAC-11
  • 1970s WerBell and Ingram left the company
  • 1977 MAC sold its tooling to RPB Industries
    – Cobray trademark stamped on RPB receivers is not encircled, and no name Cobray
  • 1982 BATF stepped in mid-1982 and halted the manufacture of open bolt semi’s because they were easily convertible to full-auto
  • 1983 RPB went out of business
  • 1983 SWD Incorporated by Wayne Daniels,from RPB Industries
    –  1872 Marietta Boulevard, Atlanta, Georgia
    SWD (Sylvia and Wayne Daniels)
  • 1986 Machinegun Ban
  • 1986 SWD became Cobray ?
    – Wayne Daniel and John Carpenter
  • 1994 Assault Weapons Ban, the Cobray M11/9 could no longer be made

North Dakota

Cobray Company LLC
PO Box 1796
Bismarck, ND 58502-1796


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