Rhode Island Firearm Owners’ League

since 2011

  • non-profit grassroots organization
  • a consistent and unified voice for law-abiding Rhode Island Citizens exercising their Second Amendment rights

Rhode Island Firearm Owners’ League
PO Box 226
Fiskeville, RI


partners include:

  • Federated Rhode Island Sportsmen’s Club represents many of the state’s gun clubs.
  • RI2nd is the NRA affiliated club and provides a significant lobbying presence in the state.
  • RI2nd Political Action Committee (PAC) raises money for candidates running for office in Rhode Island to support firearms rights.
  • RIFOL-CDF, the newest organization in the state, promotes lawful gun ownership and protects the right to keep and bear arms; money raised for this fund can be used in lawsuits to serve the mission.
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