J.M. Davis

John Monroe Davis
June 27, 1887 – Feb 7,1973

  • the largest privately-held collection of firearms in the world
  • 1917  J.M. and Addie Davis buy the  Mason Hotel in Claremore, OK
  • 1919, Mr. and Mrs. Davis built a home in Claremore and took over the management of the hotel
  • 1921 to 1923 mayor of Claremore
  • 1933 to 1943 mayor of Claremore
  • 1929 Mr. Davis’s collection had grown to 99 guns
  • 1930 purchased U.S. Bessette collection of 500 pieces
  • 1932 purchased the Smith collection at Vinita, Oklahoma of 1,500 guns
  • 1932 purchased the John Sallings collection of 500 pieces
  • World War II veterans would bring him war trophies
  • gunsmiths would bring in guns they had modified, sporterized, or completely invented
  • 1948 purchased the Merle Gill collection
    (Outlaw and Lawman guns, hanging nooses, and hand cuffs)
  • November, 1959 Addie Davis passed away (married 49 years)
  • July 1961, J.M. married Genevieve Breeden
  • 1965, Mr. Davis established a nonprofit foundation, the J.M. Davis Memorial Foundation, Inc
  •  Governor Henry Bellmon signed the legislation to establish the J.M. Davis Memorial Commission and appropriate funds to purchase the entire city block where the museum now stands
  • 1968, plans were approved for a 40,000 square foot J.M Davis museum building
  • June 27, 1969, Mr. Davis’ 82nd birthday, the museum was opened to the public
  • June 27, 1972, Mr. Davis’ 85th birthday, the city of Claremore honored him by renaming a street after him: J.M. Davis Boulevard
  • February 7th, 1973 J.M. Davis  passed away

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