Waves of Infringements


  • 1850s  After Civil War
    – Kept guns out of the hands of the freed slaves
  • 1900s
    – Kept guns out of the hands of minorities & immigrants in the north


  • 1930s
  • In reaction to Organized Crime created by Prohibition
  • Full Auto Scare
  • 1949 Saturday Night Specials

Culture Wars

  • Late 1960s
    – New York City, long gun registration
  • Spike in Crime
    – Street Violence, Assassinations
  • 1975 Drive to Register Guns with computers (failed)
    – 1977 Privacy Act ?
  • the Political Left “Became Anti-Gun”

“We will never fully solve our nation’s horrific problem of gun violence unless we ban the manufacture and sale of handguns and semi-automatic assault weapons.”–USA Today, December 29, 1993


  • 1982 Cop-Killer Bullets
    – Teflon-coated handgun bullets that could penetrate police body armor
    – Teflon-coated bullets have been around since the late 1960s
    – developed for the police, were not available to the public at first
  • November 1982 California
    – rejected, by a 63-37% margin, a statewide handgun initiative that called for the registration of all handguns and a “freeze” on the number of handguns allowed in the state
  • 1988 – Semi-Automatic Assault Weapon
    – Josh Sugarmann “report on assault weapons”
  • 1991 New York City ban on  “assault weapons”
  • 1996 Australian long gun confiscation
  • 2003 Australian confiscation of handguns

Post AWB Assault on Gun Owners

  • 2010s
    – Social Media propaganda
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